Why Purva Oils from Sriram Foods ?

The answers are simple and straight forward

1. We grow a lot of our raw materials ourselves; the rest of it we source from well known organic farmers who are into the organic movement for the past 5 years or more. This ensures that our raw material is organic. We rely on our own inspection than third party certifications.

2. We use our own facilities for storage, drying, milling and post production processing like filtration and packing. We do not out-source any of our processes.
This ensures that there is complete oversight on all stages of the production process.

3. We are quite seriously committed to the organic movement. Our MD Mr. Raja Sankar left his cushy job as a Director in CTS to do organic farming. If profits were his motive he could have continued to earn in dollars.

4. We are small. Our production capacity is only 10,000 liters per month. This ensures that there is micro management and careful supervision of the production.

5. We are affordable. In spite of our oils being 100% pure, organic & cold pressed, our price is quite affordable . For example our coconut oil costs only Rs. 440, while store bought hot process, chemical milled, refined coconut oil costs Rs. 300 or more per litre.

6. Our products are as simple and straightforward as our business itself. We use no heat, no chemicals, no solvents and our raw materials are 100% organic. Just plain simple cooking oil as our grandmothers used.

7. All our processes are 100% transparent - any one can visit our facility any time. Seeing is believing!