About Us

About Us

Purva Naturals

  • At Sriram Foods, our motto is to produce with consciousness. In every product we produce, we are conscious of the Consumer, our associates and importantly, the Earth we live on.
  • We specialise in the manufacture and supply of Organic Products. All our ingredients are cultivated in a natural and self - sustaining manner. We use cost efficient and energy saving custom-built machinery to process these raw materials.
  • Our machines are unique and are unlike any other that produces similar products. This is because we designed our own machinery. We look to work with rural farmers and bring some positive change to their lives while keeping the benefits to the end-user in mind.
  • The idea behind Sriram Foods began in 2012. Raja Sankar, our founder, was growing organic coconuts to sell them in the open market. But this was challenging, as his coconuts were clubbed with those having chemicals.
  • Then, he got his coconuts processed at a mill and started selling coconut oil directly. But he wasn’t satisfied with this also and decided to start his own oil mill. Getting an oil mill was easy but getting the required power to run it was difficult.
  • With the help of our other co-founder Ravi, we were able to assemble an oil press that worked. This involved months of research, trials, testing etc., but, it was worth the time involved. Today, we have 5 machines.
  • Two years on from coming up with their press, Sriram Foods got registered in 2014 and it has been a beautiful journey ever since. Our vision can be split into four categories: clean sources, clean processes, clean relationships and a clean environment.
Purva Oil

Our Team


The production manager who is responsible for the verification of raw materials until they become the finished product. Apart from planning and scheduling, he prioritises tasks depending on the needs of the consumers. With a farming background, he decided to move away from being a driver in 2010 and went back to his roots. Giving his children and wife a better life through the organic way makes him happy.

Krishnaraj (Chinna Raj)

Though he spends most of his time at his 2-wheeler workshop, he has a great interest in organic and green living. The man with contacts all over, he is the one to help when we need to find someone to get the job done. He educates his customers about the benefits of buying and consuming organic products. This creates customers for us and helps them make better choices.


The brains behind our machines, his inquisitiveness led to the innovation and designs that you see in our machinery today. His understanding of these tool has helped us make improvements to our process. By being more effective, we make the working area a safer and more enjoyable place for our employees. A former engineer who has used his skills and knowledge to help make Sriram Foods what it is today.


Having joined our team in 2017 after spending more than decade running his ownventure in the Gulf, he is always ready to take on any responsibility. Whether it is planning, marketing or even painting our premises, he is the one who can always be counted on to deliver.


Along with Dhandapani, he ensures that our operations keep running smoothly. Experience in working with oil rigs has made it possible for him to make the best use of our machines. He also takes cares of our packaging and shipping and being a perfectionist, he ensures you get the best products packed in the safest way.

Ramanathan Alias KG

A systematic and thorough person, he helps bring balance to the entire organisation. Working in different industries such as textiles and pharma makes him understand the nuances of a business. He is instrumental in our book-keeping and handling of customer relations. He knows how to push when we are down and keep us grounded as well, he is our guiding light.


A strong desire to do meaningful work and run a conscious business has made him our catalyst. His approach towards adding value and giving clean products gives our customers access to cold-pressed, organic oil. A problem-solving mindset and a cheerful outlook give us the right mix of fun and work.

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